Rebuilding the Zenith 04 Carburetor for your Model T Ford

The great thing about having a speedster; you pick the parts that you want on it. An aftermarket carburetor and intake are just the ticket – even the dog approves.

The Zenith carburetor company was large even in the earliest days. It was a very popular carburetor in both France and England for aircraft use in the earliest years. French inventor and tinkerer Francois Bavery “perfected” the Zenith design from his experiments in 1906 – 1908. His contribution was a dual jet design, with one main jet supplying the primary mixture to the throttle bore, and the other “compensator” jet being open to the atmosphere as a “compensator”, thereby offsetting the mixture as throttle position and engine speed changes. The theory is quite novel. A “cap jet” surrounds the throttle main jet, modifying both the vacuum signal and the fuel flow at various engine demands.

Francis (or Francois) Bavery’s design became the standard for many years at Zenith.

Zenith was never an OEM carburetor supplier for the Model T Ford. However Zenith made several accessory carburetors and carburetor / intake manifold combinations for the Model T Ford. We had a chance to rebuild one. Follow along and see how it went.

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The Miller Master Carburetor for the Model T Ford

Harry Miller’s factory at 6233 South Gramercy Place in Los Angeles, CA about 1926.

Harry Miller was many things. Perfectionist, engineer, designer, effete, driven, winner, dominating force, all could be used to accurately describe Miller and his products.  Miller racing engines won Indianapolis and most any other race that mattered in the 1920’s. His engine designs came to be used in later years under the Drake and Offenhauser names, dominating Indianapolis through the mid 1960’s. r race that mattered in the 1920’s. Miller designed aircraft engines, boat engines, fire trucks, and of course carburetors. All were (for the most part) successful and profitable.  This week we take a look at the rebuilding, installation, and performance potential of the Miller Master carburetor on the Model T Ford.

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Installing a Winfield Updraft Carburetor on your Model T Ford

The man himself – Ed Winfield. A large Winfield carburetor can be seen in the hood cutout. This racer featured one of Ed’s infamous “Two up – two down” Model T Ford engines with a crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, intake and exhaust all designed and built by the master of speed. Photo from about 1928. 

We have long been fans of Winfield carburetors for Model T Fords. There were many designs offered by Winfield over the years. Some are updraft, some down draft, some side draft. In this article we focus on installing an up draft Winfield designed for improved T performance.  

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Installing a High Compression Cylinder Head

After WWI the British introduced these nifty Model T vans. We wonder why this body style never came to the USA – it would have been popular. From a British advertisement, about 1924.

Our 1917 runabout has served us well on several tours in the past few years. It is smooth and reliable. Still, we wished that it had a bit more power on some of the steeper hills. This edition we find out the easiest way to get more horsepower and torque from any Model T Ford. We install an aluminum high compression cylinder head.

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