Texas T Party 2021 Day 2

Today started out looking pretty gloomy with rain predicted and dark ominous skies.

Dark skies kept it cool all morning with temperature around 80 degrees. We were on two lane blacktop roads doing about 42 MPH on the GPS.
About 15 miles from the hotel we were in the nearly dead little town of Moody, Texas when the car started sputtering and missing badly. I switched from MAG to BAT and it ran good. We pulled over to see what the problem was.
I have a rule – always break down someplace with shade so it won’t be blistering hot as you fix the car. The cloudy skies gave us cool temperatures. All the storefronts were closed or boarded up in Moody.
First I looked under the hood at the magneto wire where it connects to the lower left terminal on the coil post. All was good, clean and tight. Next I pulled the floor boards and checked where the magneto wire attaches to the mag post terminal. It was loose, and the mag post was leaking oil too. I tightened everything and it ran like a top!
Back on the road again, and we came to another part of Moody that was under construction.
Not so sure about this purple building. Hope they found the paint on sale for half price.
Leaving Moody, no sign of any businesses on the highway but at least they are being preserved.
We came upon a broken down 1927 touring about 10 miles outside of Moody, just the other side of Crawford, Texas. Usually to win the hard luck award at a Texas T Party you need to have a broken crank. This one is a winner.
Our first stop of the day at Homestead Heritage Farm. We waited in line for pictures to be taken, Very scenic place.
Wonder why I like black cars so uch?
A drone flyover with a picture, wood fired pizza, and ice cream came next.
A pair of 1915 tourings and a black sky – we decided to set sail for downtown Waco Texas before it started raining.
Guess where we found ourselves?
As it turned out we didn’t get any rain. The sun came out, the skies cleared, and we had temperatures near 90 degrees for the trip back to the hotel.