How To Drive A Model T Ford


There is no comparison to the feeling you get from driving your Model T surrounded by a group of other Model T’s. Suddenly you and your car are transported back in time. Everything is simpler. The air is fresher. You stop worrying about unimportant things.

The Model T Ford does not drive like a modern car. The controls, other than the steering wheel and the brake pedal, do not operate anything like a modern car. In this article we will seek to inform the first time T owner / driver so that we can enjoy these cars the way they were meant to be enjoyed – out on the road, with the wind rushing by.

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How to: Keep Your Model T Ford from Marking its Territory

A Model T Ford showroom in 1925 has oil stains all over the floor left by brand new Model T’s.

This issue of Model T Ford Fix will be the first of several installments dealing with ways to lessen the amount of oil leaking from your Model T. In this case I am working on a 1910 touring. The hogshead had multiple leaks from a number of typical spots. We are going to show one method to eliminate leaks from the pedal shafts in this article. We will show you how to make the tooling necessary for the job, as well as performing the modification to the hogshead itself. Let’s go!

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Rebuilding a Holley Model G Carburetor

The Holley Model G carburetor was used on millions of Model T Fords starting with the 1914 model year, around July 1913. The Holley G is a very simple, reliable carburetor. Ford used versions of this carburetor from 1914 model year until some time in 1920 with Holley as its primary supplier of carburetors, Kingston being a secondary supplier during those years.

We got this particular Holley G from a friend in a swap involving some unneeded parts, so let’s say that our investment here is quite low. This is the earliest type of Holley G and would have been used in 1914. It has a brass body, brass float bowl, cork float, and a lock screw on the throttle idle stop adjuster. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done to turn this tired old corroded carburetor into a more presentable, rebuilt carburetor.

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The Competition – The Model T Ford in the Marketplace Part 1

The Model T Ford today is unique among collectible automobiles. There are several national club organizations that accept the Model T, and there are local Model T clubs in nearly every major city in the United States. When the Model T was new, the cars that it competed with never sold nearly as well. Nowadays we hardly even think of the fact that there were other cars competing with the Model T for market share and profitability. There are few car clubs forĀ  the cars that shared the automotive market with the Model T FordĀ back then. Let’s take a look at who the competition were back then, and see how they stacked up.

This article is the first in a series. The Model T Ford was very popular for a long period of time. In this article we will look at the competition that existed in the early years of the Model T.

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