The 1923 Model T Ford

A 1923 Model T center door sedan has a San Benito (Texas) Public Health Nurse logo on its door. Mrs Irma Dixon appears to be dressed for nursing. Photo says “South Texas” on the back. San Benito is just south of the larger city of Harlingen, Texas.

The 1923 Model year began on August 1, 1922. The cars Ford produced for the first month were unchanged from 1922. Open cars still had the vertical windshield, and the touring still came with the two man top. All cars had wooden firewalls. By September 1, the new “1923” touring and roadsters were coming off the line in Highland Park with their more modern looking slanted windshields. The 1923 tourings now had a so – called “One Man Top” that was sportier looking with no center top support, but a handful to erect by ones self. Firewalls continued to be wooden, and the low radiator was used on all cars.

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The 1916 Model T Ford

Side curtains and chains make a 1916 Model T usable even in cold snowy weather.

Ford had a relatively bad model year in 1915 with production significantly slowed due to problems encountered while changing over to the new body style. The 1916 model year officially began on August 1, 1915 with serial number 856,514 being the first 1916 model car produced. There would be no such problems for the new 1916 Model T’s with model year production over a half million cars. The last 1916 Model T built had serial number 1,362,813 on July 31, 1916. 1916 was the last full model year with a brass radiator and hub caps used on all cars and chassis. Let’s take a look at the state of the art Model T Fords of 1916.

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The 1924 Model T Ford

A brand new 1924 runabout with magneto headlamps, no starter and oil cowl / tail lamp was the least expensive car on the market. Ford factory list price was $265 at the beginning of the 1924 model year which began August 23, 1923. In December 1923 the list price dropped to $260.

Ford came off a triumphant 1923 model year with cars that were virtually unchanged from 1923 for the 1924 model year. When we think of a Model T Ford we think mostly of the 1923 – 1925 models because they are the most common of all Model T Fords. Ford’s success in the marketplace was unchallenged in those years. Let’s look at the 1924 cars in more detail. The 1924 model year began on August 1, 1923 and ended July 31, 1924. Serial number range for 1924 was from 8,122,675 to 10,266,471.

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The 1925 Model T Ford

Many Ford owners bought the runabout and converted it to a pickup truck. Ford noticed this and in late 1925 model year finally offered a factory version.

The 1925 Model T Ford was largely unchanged from the 1924 models. So it is tempting to combine the two model years as if they were one. However 1925 was interesting for many reasons which we shall detail in the article below. Ford sold close to two million vehicles in 1925, with about 400,000 being TT trucks.

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Fabricating an Under Seat Gas Tank Door for your 1909 – 1916 Model T Ford

henry ford thomas edison harvey firestone packard twin six touring
Henry Ford with Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone leaning against Henry’s 1919 Packard Twin Six touring.

Our 1910 touring was in pretty nice shape but had a few flaws when purchased. One of the flaws was a missing door below the front seat. The purpose for these doors is somewhat murky but essentially it perhaps kept mud from splashing directly into the bottom of the seat cushion. It also serves as a good place to park the gas cap while filling the tank. In any case we needed one. With that in mind a few measurements were taken, and a trip to the local home improvement store yielded some pieces of 1/4″ basswood board in various widths, some 2X1 basswood boards, some Gorilla brand wood glue, and a box of wire nails.

basswood, model t ford under seat panel
The materials from the store and a few tools are all it takes to make this part.
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