Texas T Party – Last day 2017 Kerrville, TX

Hats off to Jim and Sandra Ruhman, the Space City T’s, the Neunhopfers, and the folks who helped them put on this wonderful, unforgettable tour. It was obvious from the first day how organized they were, how well planned the event was, how they had fun planning our fun week. Thanks to all!

Today started a little earlier than normal due to the planned long day of touring. We departed the hotel about 8:30 headed down state highway 16 towards Medina, TX. It was lovely road, unbelievable scenery and lots of steep hills.

We stopped after 35 miles at a little family store / gas station. We were in a group of 6 cars from Dallas and came across a large group of motorcycle riders who liked our rides and we liked theirs.


About 12 miles later we got to Medina, Texas just in time for a huge city wide street sale. We discovered ice cream and pies for sale. And cookies, giant cookies. A perfect environment for Model T’ers.

We saw this pay phone in downtown Medina. I can’t remember the last time I saw one anywhere else.

We departed Medina on our way to Bandera and lunch.

Arriving at the lunch stop, the whole group was parked together. I did not take a lot of photos but there were over 85 T’s there.

Inside we had a great lunch of salad and Chicken Enchiladas. The line was long but no one went away hungry.

After lunch there was a choice of activities including shopping downtown, going to the local Natural History Museum, or a Tractor Pull. We chose options 3 and 2 in that order.

In the parking area of the tractor pull was a lovely car seldom encountered. A 1916 Center Door!

This is a lady contestant running a 2 stroke diesel John Deere. She put on a very impressive performance.

Comparing a 1917 runabout to a tyrannosaurus rex at the Natural History Museum in Bandera.

Inside is a mock up of a prop dinosaur used in the movie Mysteries at the Museum 3 with Ben Stiller.

We departed the museum for the 30 mile drive back to Kerrville. At a stoplight in downtown Bandera we ran into something you won’t see in (to name one of 1000 places) Burlington Vermont. A cowboy riding a mule.

We enjoyed the tour and plan to attend every Texas T Party that we can in the future.

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