Texas T Party Day 4 Museum, Tractor Show, and Ratibor Country Grill

The final day of the 2021 Texas T Party had us driving our T’s from one place to another where it seems we always had something to eat. T people liked it – a lot.

At the driver’s meeting this morning in the portico of our hotel were two Model T’s that had been stolen the first day of the tour. They had been recovered by the Temple police department and returned to the owner. The runabout even went on today’s tour. Both T’s suffered some cosmetic damage. The trailer was damaged even more around the doors.
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Texas T Party 2021 Day 3 Temple Texas

The day started with a steady rain pouring on us. While we decided to take the modern vehicle many hardy souls took their Model T’s. The first destination of the day was Salado, Texas.

While workers were tearing down an old house in Salado in 1986 they came upon a log cabin that appeared to be quite ancient. Some serious research followed. It took a few years to piece the story together that the house had originally been built by Benjamin Bowles (or Boles) around 1835, making the oldest known structure in Salado.
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Rebuilding the Holley NH Carburetor for your Model T Ford

The most common of all Model T carburetors is the Holley NH. It was first used in the 1920 model year, the primary carburetor supplied for all Model T Fords and TT fords. This advertisement shows the earliest version used by Ford which has a so – called “straight thru” venturi throat arrangement. It also uses the earlier style float bowl with side drain.

In this issue we will examine the simplest (and some say best) carburetor ever used on the Model T Ford. The Holley NH was introduced around 1916 as an accessory for the Model T, sold by Holley along with a special intake manifold. Eventually the NH replaced the earlier Holley Model G in regular production some time in 1920. Read on to see what a typical overhaul of one of these carburetors entails.

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