A dirt cheap radiator for the black Model T’s

Top tip from my buddy Dave somewhere in So Cal. I will let Dave tell the story. It fits and works fine at less than half the cost.



The 1965 – 66 Mustang radiator core is exactly the correct height, the width is 1.5″ shy, but side channels fill that void.

Model T radiator shells use the top tank to sit on which in turn supports the front of the hood, so I need to fit foam or something between the tank top and shell to add rigidity..  Like was mentioned before, some wire mesh from Lowe’s painted flat-black across the entire front might make it look better.  I had 4″ of thick-walled aluminum tubing welded on top for a filler, at present have a piece of rubber radiator hose stuffed inside the cap and it is a nice tight fit as-is, but will make something more to resemble original later.  An overflow tube is needed, the fitting that screws into the filler neck needs a hole bored and tapped which will be simple.  Not knowing where to locate the tapped hole for the firewall-to-radiator rod brace, I fabbed a clamp around the filler tube with a welded nut to attach the threaded rod end and it works well and doesn’t look too bad.

Cost of new 3-row ’65 Mustang aluminum radiator, including shipping     $103

Cost for The Radiator Works, Northridge, CA to modify top tank                120

Total cost                                                                                                   $223

Editor’s note – Dave is looking at installing a decorative screen in front of the radiator. We will update this story if we get more information and photos.

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