The 2021 MTFCI Tour Day One Part 2

This one looks like it can handle the tour just fine.
This TT has a manual cranked dump bed. The owner happily demonstrated it all day long. He did a lot of cranking!
This speedster had a set of factory made “Headers by Red”. It sounded good.
While the red speedster sounded good, this black speedster was a world of awesome sauce. Have you ever seen a twin cam RAJO Model T engine? It shook the town to its core when it drove in.
Four big Winfield barrel valve side draft carbs provided a lot of airflow. The other side of the head had a gigantic exhaust manifold / header / pipe attached.
We tried to capture the sheer volume of Model T’s parked everywhere. It is an incredible sight.
This pie wagon was very photogenic and it was hard to get in there to snap a decent picture.
At the entrance to the show was an early Ford display with many of the Pre – Model T Ford “Alphabet cars”. This is a 1908 Model “S” which was the immediate predecessor to the 1909 Model T.
1906 Model N Ford.
The 1903 Model A Ford kept busy giving rides all afternoon. As you can see it is a messy little thing.
It’s rare to encounter a Model “F” Ford – but two of them?