The 2021 MTFCI Tour Day One Part 1

After nearly 17 months since our last Texas T Party tour we were ready for a big one. The MTFCI Tour in New Philadelphia, Ohio did not disappoint on the first day.

Typically an MTFCI tour includes at least one show where a Stynoski trophy may or may not be awarded to a restored Model T. In some cases there are no entrants for the award. In other cases there may be one or more entrants but none score well enough to deserve the award. This year there were two candidates who each had amazing cars restored to a very high level. They were judged and the winner (or not) will be announced Thursday.
According to the show officials more than 250 cars were entered. This author was in hog heaven. Model T’s were so plentiful we doubt we even saw all of them.
I think these two knew one another. The cars were spotted in multiple locations together.
The Bird Feed truck was cool.
This one was metallic purple yet somehow looked right.
This one looks fabulous. Notice there is no step plate at the fake driver’s door. Which makes a lot of sense.