Car of the Month October 2017 – Buford, an unrestored 1927 Roadster Pickup

We see lots of shiny Model T’s at club meetings and car shows. But we never have seen any Model T that runs better than Buford. Buford is a 1927 Model T Roadster pickup belonging to Nolan Renfro of Dallas, Texas. According to Nolan the restoration on Buford is complete as it will ever get while he is the owner.

The top is not original on Buford, nor is the upholstery. Also, the tires appear to have been replaced a few times. A new top was made from some old white canvas several years ago. It keeps the sun off your head, which is a good thing on a 110 degree day here in Texas.

The spare tire can be removed and thrown back in the bed if use of the passenger door is needed. The spare bracket is cleverly made from an old drive shaft tube.

Buford looks good from almost any angle. This is the end of the car that many people see on tour. This car has a Ruckstell with 13 tooth pinion and 40 tooth ring gear. It will pass most Model T’s. The rubber chicken does not seem to affect performance.

Buford has several interesting accessories from back in the day including twin Stop lamps. The bottom of each lamp is the tail lamp, the top illuminates the word STOP when the brake pedal is used.

A custom set of seat and backrest upholstery was fabricated using Mexican style blankets. Material cost was low, comfort is high.

Buford has a lot of convenience items like rear view mirrors and turn signals. Jeweled dash lamp comes in handy if you get caught out on a dark night and want to know what the ammeter is doing.

The 1926 – 27 T roadster pickup bed is unique and is not the same as 1925. This one still works for a living.

Windshield stanchion on the passenger side of all 1926 – 27 Model T’s has a slot head screw on the rear hole. This is because the gas tank is so close it is nearly impossible to turn the nut.

Meanwhile Ford used three carriage bolts on the driver side because the nuts are easy to get to, the gas tank is mostly on the passenger side.

Buford has owner fabricated outside brakes acting on the outside of the original Ford brake drums. They look a lot like store bought Rocky Mountain brakes, but they are not.

The front bumper is handy when cows or slower Model T’s interfere with forward progress.

Accessory front license plate holder is there if needed.

Buford was originally equipped with battery, starter and generator so it has a battery operated horn. Like any good running Model T no water pump is used.

ANCO accessory intake / exhaust manifold gives Buford some character ( as if he needed more of that) under the hood. A Texas T Parts distributor lights the fire, a Kingston L4 carburetor supplies mixture to the cylinders. The generator is currently being used on another T, just act as if it is still there.

Unusual SAV Oil breather / oil cap claimed to aid in preventing oil usage.

Everybody likes Buford. He gets lots of attention everywhere he goes.

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