T Time – Ticking Through a Clock Mounting Project

I think the disease is called “Brassitis”. You get a brass era car and then all of a sudden the urge overtakes you. An instantaneous thing, not easily resisted, the feeling that more brass is better and you must do it. Alas, I have the bug. Bear with me as I show you the latest manifestation of this awful disease.

I’ve been watching clocks on eBay for the past six months. After my trip to Benson Ford this past summer, I noticed that some 1909 – 1910 cars had clocks called out on their build sheets. They were without exception supplied by Stewart and Clark of Chicago, the same company that supplied most speedometers in the years that Ford supplied them as standard equipment on the Model T.

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Texas T Party – Last day 2017 Kerrville, TX

Hats off to Jim and Sandra Ruhman, the Space City T’s, the Neunhopfers, and the folks who helped them put on this wonderful, unforgettable tour. It was obvious from the first day how organized they were, how well planned the event was, how they had fun planning our fun week. Thanks to all!

Today started a little earlier than normal due to the planned long day of touring. We departed the hotel about 8:30 headed down state highway 16 towards Medina, TX. It was lovely road, unbelievable scenery and lots of steep hills.

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The 1909 – 1910 Model T Ford Part 4

1910 Model Year Specifications

Serial Number range 8108 – 31,500 (Approximately, Ford figures differ)

Model Year August 1, 1909 – September 30, 1910

Body Styles Touring, Landaulet (Taximeter Cab), Town Car, Roadster, Coupe, Chassis, Tourabout

Colors: All body styles extremely dark green, nearly black. Chassis components painted black, wheels fenders and running boards body color. Pin striping quite extensive on body and chassis including wheels in red.

Factory Options available: All cars were said to be sold “Fully Equipped”, however it was still possible to order cars unequipped i.e. open cars without tops and windshield. Optional items available from the Ford factory included  Prestolite carbide tank (instead of carbide generator), tire chains, robe rail,  clock.

The Model T Fords of 1910 differed mainly in detail from those of the previous model year. Indeed the cars produced on July 31, 1909 were no different than those produced the first day of 1910 production which was August 1, 1909. Ford at this time was implementing changes as needed, there was not truly a style change tied to the changing calendar. The Model T was constantly changing as the months went by in order to improve reliability and to make economic sense to the accounting department.

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