Front Wheel Hubs and Removing a Stuck Wheel Bearing Race

Restoring a Model T Ford often is an exercise in determining what parts are correct for a certain year, locating those correct parts, and then restoring said part so that it can become part of the finished product. Wheel hubs are on display right in the center of each wheel. Anyone who has knowledge of what is correct will notice a glaring error in this immediately. It is embarrassing to see a restored “Stynoski winning” 1909 two lever with 1918 or later wheel hubs. It’s scary that a big error like that would elude the judges eyes. Note – the car above has the correct hubs. Owner: Milt Roorda

Above, the earliest Model T’s from 1909 – June 1910 had  small 5 1/2″ diameter hubs. Note the short area inboard of the hubcap which is typical of 1909 – 1917.

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