Fabricating an Under Seat Gas Tank Door for your 1909 – 1916 Model T Ford

henry ford thomas edison harvey firestone packard twin six touring
Henry Ford with Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone leaning against Henry’s 1919 Packard Twin Six touring.

Our 1910 touring was in pretty nice shape but had a few flaws when purchased. One of the flaws was a missing door below the front seat. The purpose for these doors is somewhat murky but essentially it perhaps kept mud from splashing directly into the bottom of the seat cushion. It also serves as a good place to park the gas cap while filling the tank. In any case we needed one. With that in mind a few measurements were taken, and a trip to the local home improvement store yielded some pieces of 1/4″ basswood board in various widths, some 2X1 basswood boards, some Gorilla brand wood glue, and a box of wire nails.

basswood, model t ford under seat panel
The materials from the store and a few tools are all it takes to make this part.
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