The 1926 – 1927 Improved Fords Part 3

One of the most photographed Model T Fords of all time is this 1927 touring, serial number 15,000,000. The car is on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford’s design concept, from its introduction in the fall of 1908 as a 1909 model to the final day of production in 1927 was responsible for making the entire world a better place. Whole industries revolved around the Model T Ford. Businesses such as The Pep Boys in Philadelphia, Chicago’s own JC Whitney company, Western Auto stores of Kansas City, Kansas, KR Wilson of Buffalo, New York and many others were started and indeed were thriving on the Model T Ford by 1927.

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The 1926 – 1927 Improved Model T Fords Part 1

tudor_ford_model-t_1926 channel green

A new 1926 touring poses behind the Highland Park plant showing its new straw colored wire wheels, optional bumpers, wind wings and top boot. Notice the headlamps are individually mounted without a headlight bar. The headlight bar would be added early in the model year to stiffen up the headlights and fenders.

Henry had made a lady out of Lizzy. The new “Improved Fords” for 1926 introduced a series of improvements that made the Model T more stylish, sturdier, and more reliable. Meanwhile the accounting department sharpened their pencils and kept the Model T the most affordable four cylinder cars in the world.

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