The 2021 MTFCI Tour Day 2 Part 2

The car collection was incredible and we could have spent a day here. Unfortunately we only had a couple hours.

A group of cars in the upstairs garage near the house included (l – r) A 1953 Buick Roadmaster convertible, 1948 DeSoto convertible, 1950 Oldsmobile 88 convertible, and a ’32 Ford street rod coupe.
Downstairs a 1953 Stedebaker coupe was resplendent in a bright yellow. The chrome and trim was stunning on this car.
Behind the Studebaker – you always wanted a Pinto wagon on an F150 4X4 chassis right?
A 1964 Studebaker Avanti.
1951 Chevrolet convertible with a 6 and Powerglide.
Big Buick Roadmaster convertible. I think this was a 1950 with straight 8 Buick Power.
The Auburn supercharged convertible sedan had been recently purchased for $700,000. It was beautiful.
A 1967 Nickey Camaro. Who doesn’t want one of these?
The Nickey Camaro was of course a factory COPO car, extremely rare and valuable with 427 and Turbo 400 automatic.
The garage is filled with nice touches. This appears to be a tool box, it is actually a customized refrigerator.
Upstairs a creepy mannikin fondles a 283 Chevy next to a really nice 1950 Mercury two door sedan.
Next to the Mercury is a really nice ’55 Chevy Bel Air two door convertible.
Awesome cars were everywhere – 1960 Corvette, 1940 Lincoln Zephyr convertible, 1960 Imperial sedan limousine, 1951 Hudson Hornet convertible.
Each of the massive garages had a balcony capable of supporting 100 + guests if needed. Another garage was under construction while we were there.
This garage had a kitchen along one wall next to the senior 1939 Packard Coupe.
My dad used to own a similar 1929 Pierce Arrow convertible coupe. This one has integral fender headlamps as was typical of most Pierce Arrows. Dad’s had the separate headlamps because it was sold new in Pennsylvania where the lamp spacing was regulated by law. A beautiful car.
Next to the Pierce was this amazing 1932 Cadillac convertible coupe. Notice the steerable Trippe lights.
1936 Cord convertible is a stunning car in any collection. This was a gem.
A very rare Marmon V16 convertible coupe from 1932. By comparison other 1932 vehicles were agricultural. Marmon went out of business shortly after this car was built. A pity.
A collection like this is expected to have a Duesenberg and we were not disappointed. This is a 1934 Duesenberg J convertible sedan. Very expensive and very powerful for its day.
A couple of Packard convertible sedans next to the Duesenberg. The near one is a ’32, behind it is a ’28..
One of the thoughtful features of all the garages was the exhaust pipe evacuation system. Each car was backed in place, then a trickle charger was attached as well as the exhaust system.
Downstairs were a lot more fabulous cars like this 1940 Cadillac four door convertible sedan. This one had the V8 engine.
Of course a Kaiser Darrin was there.
A 1957 Chevy Impala two door hard top sedan next to its younger sibling, a 1958. Both are black, as was the 1924 Model T runabout next to them.