The 1924 Model T Ford

A brand new 1924 runabout with magneto headlamps, no starter and oil cowl / tail lamp was the least expensive car on the market. Ford factory list price was $265 at the beginning of the 1924 model year which began August 23, 1923. In December 1923 the list price dropped to $260.

Ford came off a triumphant 1923 model year with cars that were virtually unchanged from 1923 for the 1924 model year. When we think of a Model T Ford we think mostly of the 1923 – 1925 models because they are the most common of all Model T Fords. Ford’s success in the marketplace was unchallenged in those years. Let’s look at the 1924 cars in more detail. The 1924 model year began on August 1, 1923 and ended July 31, 1924. Serial number range for 1924 was from 8,122,675 to 10,266,471.

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