The 1911 Model T Ford Tool Kit

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The 1911 Model T Ford Tool Kit

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Article is here: ... -tool-kit/

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Tom Hicks
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Re: The 1911 Model T Ford Tool Kit

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Another well written and informative article where I can find it in the future. Thanks!

original smith
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Re: The 1911 Model T Ford Tool Kit

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I have tried to assemble an authentic tool kit, and have done so. I even wrote an article for the Vintage Ford many years ago on the subject. It has been proven many times, with the exception of the band wrench, there is no Ford script until the late teens. I have never had enough spare time to try to do this. I don't believe the oil can pictured above is very early either. Just because it has early patent dates on the spout, doesn't mean it was made during that period. If you look at an early parts book, it clearly shows the Noeira and Maple City oil cans with the Ford script in two places.

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